Alena Shatalova

I’m a mother, a wife, a friend, a dog owner (or step mother😏) , a belly dancer and yes, I’m a Yoga teacher.

I discovered yoga  when I was 8 or 9 years old, browsing through our family’s library and finding a book about Hatha Yoga. I was fascinated by the pictures of the super being😊in all those  unrealistic poses! I started doing the simple poses by just following instructions and photos. 

But life is life. I have been in and out of yoga practice for many years,  about 7 years ago I came back to it. Practicing yoga and meditation became part of my life. I did not feel complete without doing yoga. As I like to joke (just partly😉) , I am a  much better person after my yoga practise and meditation.

After practicing yoga for some time my teacher Stephen Joyce encouraged me to take the Amana Yoga Teacher Training course. At first I was ready, mentally and  after  a few months of YTT it clicked and I knew that I wanted to be a yoga teacher. I`ve completed the 200-hour yoga teacher training program and  I am certified as a  Restorative and Hatha-Vinyasa Yoga instructor. Now I’m teaching yoga at Amana Yoga, Dance Zone Dance Studio and Port City Training and Fitness.

I love helping people in my Yoga classes, guiding them through  poses and breath, adjusting and encouraging  them. I like the feeling of subtle and vibrant energy in the class and how people look and feel after class….so peaceful and balanced.

My favorite yoga style is Hatha Yoga

Over the years I’ve come to embrace the fact, that all people are unique in their own way, their bodies and souls. And that is what makes  life so diverse and interesting.