Jane Merry

I have done yoga as part of my exercise routine at the gym for many years, but my first time discovering yoga and feeling the benefits inwardly was just a few years ago at Amana Yoga.

My yoga practice lets me experience a sense of wholeness in my life. I am drawn to my practice as it helps me to quieten my mind and brings clarity to my thoughts and decisions!

I have my 200 hours teaching accreditation through Amana Yoga  and I currently teach at Amana. I also am teaching yoga to children in the area. I spend some time volunteering teaching yoga to others.

I really enjoy it when I see faces of people in the class trying out a new pose and realizing they can do it!

One of my favorite poses would be standing bow or dancer pose.

I am inspired most by people who embrace a positive outlook toward life. I have come to embrace change and letting go of the attachment to things. I stay true to myself by recognizing when I need some down time.

The awareness of the breath is so helpful when practicing yoga, this is what I try and teach to my students.